Guatemala " San Pedro" Lake Atitlan


Hippie or not  San Pedro in Atitlan lake  is a must visit village, people here are really friendly and warm hearted! The atmosphere is amazing and the village got a great combination between the necessary modern and the traditional!

I spent my first days with friends just relaxing and wondering around the village as it has much to offer but the purpose of my visit  was more of discovering the Guatemalan culture and also to go to school so I can develop my Spanish level. I could not wish for more as while wondering around the village I saw a cultural centre, I went inside and asked about what they offer as courses and so I ended up choosing a home stay at a local family and going to Spanish Classes 4 hours a day for couple of weeks.

At school we learned about the Guatemalan traditions, we did many activities as cooking classes, getting introduced to the Guatemalan textile culture and we also learned about chocolate and coffee culture.


Living in Guatemalan atmosphere was exactly what I was looking for to enrich my world tour and I feel so happy to live my dreams fully as I lived Guatemalan everyday full of memorable experience! Here I lived with a local family which I got to know through the cultural centre, The family has 14 kids, 11 live home and I was the 12th,  I had the best time ever with this family, they included me in everything even on learning the Mayan language, they took me to their plantations, taught me their culture, I cooked with our mother, had so much fun, felt loved, felt happy and looked forward to come home everyday, the family didn't have much but the most important, Love and cares for everyone.


Also! It happened something that touched my heart and can not think of it without a tear drops down! While here in San Pedro I had a serious poisoning at a Café near by, I reacted to it in the seconds that followed, lost the complete vision and the sense of my mussels very quickly my heart pulse went up to 170 and I was transfered to the closest clinic as soon as possible to empty my stomach and give me the necessary treatments!

I was unlucky, as a mouse been by the cake I had but lucky I didn't fight it out and let the café call for help because if I didn't, life would have been short as the doctor said! I felt really sad  and scared afterwords but when I got back to my Guatemalan family, they took care of me, the mother set on a chair all the night to help me if needed,  every time I opened my eyes during the night she was watching me, I was so touched and can not stop crying when I think about it!

They gave me the best experience of my life and took a real care of me, I will never forget my Guatemalan family.

Few days later I started to feel better continued school, tried to just forget, be strong and slowly  regained confidence and finally decided to continue my journey around the world. 

Guatemala has touched my heart and marked my mind with beautiful memories and I won't mind the incident I will go back one day, hopefully with my own little family.

Here is some pictures at my family in San Pedro and at school















Guatemala " lake Atitlan "


While backpacking in Norway, I was camping few days in Olden and one of the morning I went for breakfast in Stryn, there I met Rebeca and Stig, they were extremely friendly and very fast sympathised with me and so we spoke about my world tour and my visit to Guatemala! Rebeca as a Mexican and knowing the central America very well she advised me to stop at Atitlan lake which is located at the west side of Antigua and beautifully shaped by 3 Volcanoes and highlands,  the lake is at  ca 1500 m above the sea level and surrounded by many small villages which at the edge of some parts you there are many bar, restaurants, houses and hotels which was build earlier but now drawn under the lake as the water level got much higher these past 40 years

While here I had the chance to visit many villages around the lake as San Pedro where i lived and studied, Went also to San Juan which is known for it naturally dyed textile and coffee plantations, from there you can also reach the Indian nose trail which gives an amazing sunrise view on the lake, also visited Santa Cruz village, there I stayed in amazing Ecohostel called Free Cerveza, I chose this place  for two nights in a tent and to relax.

I went also to San Marcos village to experience it spiritual vibes,  known also as a place to rest, to do yoga ! 

To finish my Guatemalan experience I went to  visit Santiago and then Panajachel village. 

Feel lucky that I met Rebeca, and even more because Rebeca follows me through all my journey so far and became my number one fan as she says, that makes me extremely happy! Bless you my dear!

San Pedro village 



San Juan village 



Santa Cruz  village



Santiago village 



Panajachel Village 






Guatemala Antigua


A beautiful little Spanish colonial town in the south west of Guatemala, I felt happy as soon as I arrived

I spent my whole week wondering around the city, talking to locals, visiting markets, tasting fruits I never tasted or seen as Zapote and caimito, visited cathedrals and took different gastronomical tours.

While talking to locals I met a 12 year Manuel Franklin, a happy little boy that I will always remember, with his captivating smile dragged me to a conversation, he usually goes to school but  that day it was Saturday, he works to support the family by selling the hand bags his mom and grandma makes, he was fascinating telling me his story, I watched him selling the bags with his convincing eyes, I could only say I love you and I hoped you for him to sell all the bags he had and asked him to be good at school, because I know he is eager enough to achieve education and have a better future.



On my the 4th day in Antigua, I met up with my dear Karen and Charlie, two friends from the UK that I met while in Holbox "Mexico"  and with who I also spent Christmas.

The next day we took a bar tour, we visited some unique places as "No Se" Then we went To Antigua Brewerie, and finished at La Taverna, throughout all the tour we were well received and learned a lot about Guatemalan bees, rum and moon shines

On the 6th day we went on a volcano hike to Acatenango which gives a view on Volcano de Fuego, It was a two days trip highlighted by a tough hike but one of  the best experience to date.



We got picked up at 7.30 am, we drove for an hour and as soon as arrived to the starting point, was a group coming down, one of the members said to us "Good luck, I know you will need it" at that moment  we knew it is going to be challenging.
We started the hike and after only 40 min we already felt like dying, the volcanic ground  and heavy backpack made it  hard to move further up.

The weather was great at the start but quickly turned to cold and wet, but perfect for hiking up and it gave the landscape an amazing fairytale-istic feeling

After five hours hike we began to see the sky clearing up, we started hearing the volcano erupting and not longer after we arrived to the base camp at 3600 m hight around 3 p.m



We were so exited of the view we've got in front of us that non of us wanted to sleep so we just set in the sun and enjoyed the priviledge of being there, and realized how lucky we were to climb in a perfect conditions, arrive to a clear to a sunshine and clear sky that offered us an amazing view on the volcano and gave us the opportunity to experience the super moon for the first time in our lives 




After having dinner, we set by the fire, our guides offered us a hot chocolate cup, we grilled our marshmallow and so an amazing  day and evening took end, quickly we all found our tents and sleeping bags but unfortunately we couldn't sleep, it was very cold and the volcano sound increased by night.


The hardest was to get up at 4 am to continue the hike; barely awake and still tired from the day's before hike we started climbing, every step ahead felt like two steps back, the altitude of 3976m and a -3° didn't help it and many doubted making it up but we had a good spirit, we supported each other and we all arrived to the top and witnessed an amazing sunrise and more, just few minutes later the volcano became super active!  That emotion of being there brought me to tears, it was so beautiful, we all hugged each other and stayed quiet to enjoy the moment, My thoughts went to people that means a lot in my life and wished they could be there and couldn't wait to hike down and write my lovely Ingrid, Sigurd and my sister.
Later we hiked down and got transferred to our hostels, feeling tired and sort but full of energy  inside. When we arrived, we read on the news that it was the Volcano biggest eruption since 2012, we felt even luckier.


This experience was by far one of the two best experiences in my life after experiencing the Norden lights in Norway and Iceland.



I definitely  recommend this trail to everyone that has the chance to visit Antigua Guatemala.

The day after we collected our bags and got ready to explore more Guatemala destination Attitlan lake.

Guatemala " Tikal & Flores "


Guatemala, a country that has so much to offer of nature, history and traditions; not only known for it  Mayan treasures but also for it Volcanoes, lakes, textile,  coffee plantations and for it world finest rum! 

The country is pretty layed back and the roads are quiet an adventure out here but I found that fun to experience! Every bit has been so worth it and above all, from the minutes we crossed the border,  I could feel how warm hearted is the Guatemalan, amazing how welcome we felt!

Our trip road with my new Czech friends Thomas, Jakub and Vojta took us  from Belize city to Flores to visit the amazing archeological site of Tikal!

Just arrived there, it started to rain heavily, but it didn't bother us at all, we were prepared and had the right gears, we really enjoyed walking in the jungle, listening to wild life and the water drops, we hiked up several pyramids and kept the main one for the end, when we got to the top, the sky cleared up,we were blessed by an astonishing view over the jungle and the sound of wild life through the rain forest,  it was so peaceful and  amazing to meet history and nature at once. 




We hiked down right after the sunset and continued further to the charming Flores island





There we spend about two days and then decided to drive further to Semuc Champey. This was quiet an adventure, the roads were pretty challenging, the heavy rain didn't help it, we first crossed a river by a funny wooden plates equipped by an engine on it side, and after 6 hours drive and just 34km away from Semuc Champey, we realized we can not drive further, parts of the roads were split and completely destroyed so we decided to not take the risk as it was very late in the night, from far we saw a house so we went to ask them if it was a place to stay in the area, they said to us there wasn't, so we decided to drive back and further to Coban. 



We arrived there at 2am, all the streets were empty, not even cars parked a long the streets, we tried to nock at many hotels door, everyone seemed scared to open, in the end we decided that if the last hotel don't open we should sleep in the car, but luckily on our last shot we got a room, we were really happy but found the bed very quickly. 
The morning after we decided to change province as the weather forecast was not going to be better for the next 10 days, so we all agreed that it is fine to skip an attraction but drive further and enjoy the rest of the country! 




A short trip to Belize or more a stop by while on my way to Guatemala, One of the last UK colonies and known as the British Honduras, the country only been totally independent since 1973, as new by name, Belize is one of the most multiethnic Latin country, in the Latin America.  The main language is English then comes Spanish and Creole.

5 days in Belize took me to the amazing Caye Caulker,  the Island is wild, surrounded by the Caribbean sea! People here are really friendly and relaxed as the first thing the local introduce to you arrive to the island is " Go slow"  it is really a place to take it easy and disconnect from everything.

I Spent 3 days laying at the beach, playing Ring at local pubs , chatting with locals and meeting new people from all over the world
Caye Caulker is also known for being one of the best diving and snorkelling destination, many amazing reefs where you see rare species and kilometers further in the sea you find the blue whole, this used be under sea  cave witch the top of it cracked years ago and the water fell in 113m deep cave where  the top edge is surrounded  by coral reefs. I unfortunately couldn't join the tour as it is strictly forbidden for me  to dive because of my lungs conditions but please do not miss the opportunity if you ever in Belize

After few beautiful days and sunset, I am finally on my way to Guatemala, A country I looked forward to it experience for months now! 

Few pictures of my short trip in Belize!

I love it  when I just blow my pillow anywhere and feel totally  comfortable



While playing Ring "after the owner, I was the only one he ever coach that manage all the three  lance from different angles, so I had the right write my name on the roof of the bar"




Each country I buy a bracelet as a souvenir, this one has been specially made for me, I love it.







Sunsets and night  beach volleyball  with the boys






While in Mexico, I started planning my trip to Cuba and as travelling the world I am a part of many backpacking pages as Cuba Traveller.

In the beginning of December I added a post on the page with suggested dates and also mentioned that I was looking for a travel mate! Simon from East Coast Canada was one of those that replied, his dates seemed perfect to me and after just few conversations to get to know a little about each other, we decided to travel Cuba together.

Few weeks later, we arrived to Havana on a same day and so our Cuban adventures started.


Our first introduction to Cuba was in the old  Havana where we were also staying, walking distance from all the places we wanted explore and still we walked an average of 25km a day! So much to see and get in touch with! An endless excitement... Havana is simply magical. I loved it conservative sides which goes from historical buildings to old American cars that still live their old days through a shiny solid carapace, I loved the surviving spirit of the Cuban and what amazed me most was a local student that said to us after I asked her if they were still in shock after the hurricane! " Here we deal with our every day, no yesterday or tomorrow, we have been through a lot, we enjoy the today's life" 

That is exactly the vibes you get in Cuba, live music is nealy  every where, Salsa and Reggeaton are  mainly played here, people might be poor but they are happy, shelves in shops are empty but no one is hungry, buildings are pretty scarred by two wars, the revolution and the Embargo  but still charmingly colorful.... The contradictions here are so flagrant but that what makes Havana so unique.


Our journey has been amazing, people have been great, we had good food everywhere we ate, things seemed to work and my only advices which worked well for me are: Go to Cuba with an open mind, do not over plan your trip, use time on learning Spanish in stead, language will bring you closer to locals and make your journey easier  and richer, take comfortable shoes and be ready to explore.

On those 3 days we visited El Capitolio, Alice Alonzo Theatre,  San Ignacio Cathedral, Plaza Armes, Plaza Vieja, we have been to different museums and art  galleries, had our first  Mojito at La Bodeguita Del Medio and our last Daiquiri at La Floridita


Viñales was the next stop! we went there to explore the national park,  both for it plantations and outdoor activities.
The first day we went horse riding  to the Tobacco plantations, there we learned a lot about cigars, from when to plant them to how to roll and age them, then we smoked the same Cigar Che Guevara used to smoke, dipped in honey so it got a natural filter, he did that because he had asthma.

Then we went to the coffee plantations, there they were also making stone honey and brown rum, we had the chance to taste them and both were unique and tasteful.
In the afternoon we went on tour to the valley of silence, we visited different farms; we met incredibly passionate people,  they taught us so much about how they take care  of the soil and their plantations, I was so impressed about all the methods they used, how fresh was every  vegetable, The fact that Cuba don't have access to any pesticides it  makes the country organic and it was a pleasure to see how vegetables and fruits should  look and taste.
After helping in the farm, we even tasted some wild pineapple witch I never seen or ate before and No they do not look like a usual pineapple as the picture shows




Later I had the pleasure to feed ducks, something I haven't done in 25 years.
When I was little I used to spend my school vacations at my grandmother's farm and feeding chickens was the fun part of the day, this man when he handed the corn bucket  to me he said the same words as my grandmother used to, " Make sure everyone gets in each handful" . I was so happy to do that and really enjoyed every bit of that day which finished on the top the valley where we had a lovely drink based on honey, coconut milk, pineapple cream and anis , it was sooooo good.
The other days we rented a scooter, we visited the painted wall of the park, then went to the amazing Santo Thomas cave witch is  the 2nd largest in the Latin America, later we continued exploring the valley

We have also challenged our selves to rock climb two rocks one of the days,  we had so much fun in Viñales and almost felt sad leaving the place but we knew that Trinidad is also promising a great experience ahead!



Trinidad  is an old Spanish colonial city which was declared world heritage by the UNESCO in 1988; this colorful city is amazingly well preserved, it downtown feels like an outdoor museum where the clocks stopped centuries ago,  the buildings still looking like they used to, streets are still build on stones and people still travelling on horses. 


A week out there is  just perfect to explore this treasured city, to visit the sugar and coffee plantations on the outskirts of the city, to take a hike or two at Topez De Collantes and to spend few days at Ancon beach which is 15km from downtown.

When we arrived to our Casa Particular we were invited by our host to drink la Canchanchara which is a local cocktail in Trinidad based on honey, lime, strong local brown rum and ice cubes, it was really good.
Our host was very kind, he introduced the city to us and answered many question we had regarding the buildings, he also suggested some good places to have dinner, that night he suggested Doña Clara, a family restaurant that has great food and lovely atmosphere.

So we went there and while waiting for the food, we started wondering about the walls, the grandmother in the age of 90' and on a wheel chair understood that we need explanation, so she came to our table and told us that the house used to be a slave house in 1750, generation after other, she got the house from her grandfather, they preserved it as much as they could and  soon it will be her daughters after she dies "She said". 

After the dinner, she showed us pieces of what she was knitting which were lovely placed on a bench, it was so well done that I bought a hand bag and my friend got a napkin. We were impressed about the spirit, in Cuba no matter how old or disable you are, everyone work to support the family!


And coming back to food, Trinidad got some unique restaurants and bars that serve great and varied food, their decor is authentic and if you ever there make sure you stop at Giroud and La Botija
Our favorite Mojito was at caffe La Fortuna, I mean they were so good that for first time under this world tour I pushed my limits on drinking a bit further. "Luckily no regrets the morning after😁"
We also visited Cienfuego,  a city that was founded by a French pianist, we visited Teatro Tomas Terry, Palacio Ferrer, the market, the beautiful Palacio Valle and ended our tour at Cienfuego Baie



Another thing that touch my my heart in Cuba was the kids, it is amazing how much fun they have with so little,  met these two boys while hiking in Toppez De Collanted, they were playing on a handmade Carro and were so proud to tell that they managed to go downhill with it many times, they were laughing and seemed to be the happiest on planet ❤️ 




Now I have just spend my last two days in  Havana, spend the whole day in El Morro, hemingway museum and the Fabrica De Arte Cubano, which is an amazing  art gallery,  probably the best gallery I visited so far under this world tour, many floors of exceptional expositions ....

We ended up the visit at the main hall where an extremely talented  orchestra group of 4 were playing, I was really touched by their notes and could stay there the whole night if they didn't stop.  

My amazing Cuban adventure ended there, feel enriched by all I learned and I feel lucky to have that opportunity

Now I am getting ready to fly to Mexico for one stop at  Bacalar lake  then crossing the central and the south America afterwords 

An adventurous last sunset over Havana




My last night in Cuba at Fabrica De Arte Cubano








Yucatan & Quintana Roo


Here I'm back on my blog after a break of nearly two weeks, but adventures didn't stop, during this time, I enjoyed  exploring the pyramids of Chichen Itza in Valladolid , visited Tulum, Isla Cozumel, spent new year in Playa del Carmen and now finishing my Mexico adventure in Cancun,  I made many news friends and was very enriched meeting  Frank from Canada, an amazing man also one of the kindest I met  on this trip, really knowledgeable, I learned so much while hanging or even bicycling around with him.

Here in Cancun I have been mostly relaxing, working out and getting ready for my exciting Cuba trip starting on Sunday, I will spend 12 days there and then back to Mexico for only one stop to visit Bacalar lake and then taking the bus to Belize and then Guatemala.

Here I finish my Mexico blog while mentioning how lucky and happy I feel  about my Mexicain Tour, an amazing experience! I loved Mexico, really enjoyed my self, enjoyed living as a local, travelling with locals and I am glad that my  Spanish improved  pretty quickly, it helped a lot understanding the culture and also share conversations with locals even if I still have to learn more.

Mexico got everything I could dream of or expect: wide history, got over 100 magic town, huge gastronomy that include food, wine, beer, spirit, coffee, chocolate ...  , nature goes from the incredible Caribbean sea to beautiful mountains and valleys and I can say that Mexicans are so cheerful and lovely, no matter how tough or difficult is life in Mexico , they are always happy, they enjoy life and they love to dance.  Not to forget they eat a lot, they have like 4 meals a day and they always talk about food,  Great for me because I learned a lot through that 😉

It feels weird to leave the Mexican atmosphere, this everyday life here but I am  glad that Cuba is the next country as it promises also a great and exciting trip and you will definitely be posted  when back!

Here are some of my adventures on picture

Chichen Itza pyramids 



Tulum ruins



Isla Cozumel on last day of the year 😊






Playa Del Carmen " New Years Eve"



Isla Mojeres 
















Thank you Mexico ❤






Christmas in Isla Holbox
Before I even landed in Mexico, I was dreaming of spending Christmas in this island, as it is unique, wild and at the same time very exotic , there was no cars in the island, not even roads, all the transportation was done by ATV or bikes, it is very layed back as my friend say, it reminded him of Cuba, seemed dirty and hygiene was very low at same places, but there are also some good and advanced resorts
My Christmas been for sure different but definitely worth it , I met great travellers in the hostel I was staying, Tiago from Brazil, Charlie and karen from the uk and Stefano from Italy witch followed me from Merida
We had 2 days where we only ate and layed on the beach, the 3rd day we went for a long walk to the furthest point we could without using  boat or ATV toward Punta Mosquito, was really fun as the furthest we went the more beautiful was the beaches and even more fun that to get there we crossed the sea as the edge was not possible to walk on, fun experience, just arrived there we saw 3 Flamingos, they were so pink that the contrast with the blue  water was marvellous, I was really excited because was the first time I saw a Flamingo we had lunch, sweam, relaxed and then went back to the hostel to take shower, then headed back to the peer to see the sunset, the sky was very clear that we expected a beautiful sunset but as soon as the sun started setting down, a layer of cloud showed and made the sunset more fairytalistic, the edge of the cloud was so red that gave it the burning effect, was so beautiful that we all agreed that it was better to see that then a classic sunset, afterwords we went to the hostel, bought some beers, made food together and set 7 of us around the table, endless enriching conversations, everyone had a different background and exciting stories, it suddenly got late and found my self going to bed around 00.00. Wonderful last day in Holbox, tomorrow we going to Valladolid then I will explore the Yucatan and Quintana roo states for my last 2 weeks in Mexico 











Chiapas - Yucatan : San Cristobal - Palenque - Mérida


San Cristobal, a little town located at about 2200m a.s.l, the village is colorful and very cozy! more quiet than all the places I've been so far in Mexico though but it was perfect for this time as I needed some time on my own, I was feeling a bit sad and didn't feel like I would be a good company for anyone, so i spend the day walking around the village, had few stops in different cafés and luckily my mood went up a bit or just enough to plan to go to Sumidero canyon the day after witch was great idea as while on tour I met a very nice french girl of my age, with who I spend the whole day and evening, she came to Mexico to look for a job in Cinema as it is her career profile, we shared great conversations, had some good wine and food for dinner then we  decided to take another tour together to the Pyramids of Palenque and Agua Azul waterfalls. We both travelled further to different destinations on the same night, she went back to Mexico city to look for a job and I traveled in the night  Merida as I wanted to visit the Santa Barbara caves.
As I arrived at 5 in the morning, I went straight to the hotel, checked in, took shower and then the hosts told me that there were 2 travellers going to the caves if i wanted to share the trip with them, around 9 am I met Adgar from Mexico and Stefano from Italy , great guys, went together on to the caves,  had a lot of fun swimming in diffrents caves, then we spend the evening together again! the the funniest thing was I was supposed to stay in Merida for another day, Stefano was supposed to go to San Cristobal but while at the bus station all the plans changed and we both decided to spend Christmas in Isla Holbox, witch basically  it was my plan at the start of the trip but as I spent longer time in each region i taught I won't  make there in time but no just had to skip few attractions for now to experience  Christmas in an exotic Island where there is no cars going, only boats and then Golf cars.
So we bought tickets, booked hotel rooms, done some shopping then headed  to the hostel where Stefano cooked for us, slept few hours, woke up at 5 am and here we are in the bus to Chiquilá, then we will take a short boat trip to Isla Holbox
I look forward to experience christmas abroad, far from home and people I love but I'm sure it will be unforgettable and in the end of the day,  i will not anything of what I plan, I will just do it in a different order and that is the beauty of being a free traveler ❤

Sumidero Canyon 



Agua Azul falls



Misol Ha falls



Palenque Ruins 



Palenque Jungle 



Cenotes Santa Barbara Merida 






Oaxaca" Ma ville coup de coeur" it is an expression we say in french when you fall in love with a place at first sight! That what happened to me when I just arrived here, beautiful region and little town that have so much to offer of amazing cliffs, waterfalls, hot springs, The region is also known for coffee and chocolate plantations, for it textile and carpets production where the coccinelle of Oaxaca has taken a huge role in the coloration as it produces this unique red colour witch is collected as mug on the Nopal/ cactus surfaces,
Oaxaca is also know for it alcoholic beverages as the Mezcal and Pulque witch both are based on Agave, the Mezcal is the sister to the tequila but  smoked and produced traditionally and the Pulque is based on Agave but only fermented, comes either natural or flavoured, I tasted the Goave one it was delicious. Best place to taste it in town is Mezcalerita bar

When it come to food, you got a huge selection and very cheap  at the market, I have tried for breakfast many types of chocolate, tortas with Oaxacan cheese, black beans stew and different Oaxacan buns , I have also tried a drink based o. Cacao, corns and almond milk called Tahaté, very good and very healthy, was very popular for vegan travel mates

To experience as much of Oaxaca I took an excursion tour that took me to one of biggest tree in the world Arbol El Tule then took us further  to the Mezcal production house  Then visited the artisanal carpets  house and later
We also had the chance to stop by the ruins of Mitls and later finished at the Hieve El Agua a hot spring pool witch is laying at 2500m above the sea level, it had had formed a calsified waterfall laying still at the edge of the cliff.

After a couple of days in Oaxaca city my adventures led me all the way to Puerto Escondido witch is lays on the pacific side, known fr it amazing beaches

when I t arrived Davide " a backpaker i met in Oaxaca city" was waiting for me so we could og together to Mazunte " known for it Hippie vibes and realy layed back athmosphere, we got there, checked in and went straight to the beach, met Pavo from Belgium, Yen from Scotland, was nice getting to know them and share stories throughout the evening! Then had dinner and relaxed, in the morning i woke up in this amazing beach, after a great breakfast, a swim and lunch, i went back to Puerto Escondido, walked along the beaches of Zicatella and all the way to la punta " the best spot to see amazing sun rises and sunsets". the day after i went to Bachoco beach, I basically didn´t know this place and not many People knows it but i got suggested by a couple from Puerto Rico witch i met in the colectivo from Mazunte, so in the morning i went to the market for breakfast then took taxi to Bachoco, before i arrived it looked like the taxi was drinving in the middle of no where, but once i arrived there i was amazing of the beach beauty, and really felt relaxed, few minutes later I met Kristoffer witch was also a solo traveler from Danmark, we decided to hang together all the day and in the night we went to Laguna Manialtepec, it was an unforgatble experience, we had to swim totally in the dark,  when we jumped in the lake we could experience the Bioluminiscence, I can not explain the feeling of seing Your movement lighting up due to a chimical reaction when the energetic action get transformed to light!! Magic!

after such an amazing day I`m back to my Hostel and I´m getting ready for a 12hours trip to San Cristobal in the Region of Chiapas!

Here are few Pictures of my Oaxacan visit

Tottaly in love With this earthy colors each building has


At the Ethnobotanical Gardens a 300 years Cactus



At the Mezcal distellery



Tule Tree "One of the biggest trees in the world"



Arstisanal carpet making




Hierve El Agua " Calsified water fall and pools




Puerto Escondido and Zecatella beaches



Bachoco Beach