Guatemala Antigua


A beautiful little Spanish colonial town in the south west of Guatemala, I felt happy as soon as I arrived

I spent my whole week wondering around the city, talking to locals, visiting markets, tasting fruits I never tasted or seen as Zapote and caimito, visited cathedrals and took different gastronomical tours.

While talking to locals I met a 12 year Manuel Franklin, a happy little boy that I will always remember, with his captivating smile dragged me to a conversation, he usually goes to school but  that day it was Saturday, he works to support the family by selling the hand bags his mom and grandma makes, he was fascinating telling me his story, I watched him selling the bags with his convincing eyes, I could only say I love you and I hoped you for him to sell all the bags he had and asked him to be good at school, because I know he is eager enough to achieve education and have a better future.



On my the 4th day in Antigua, I met up with my dear Karen and Charlie, two friends from the UK that I met while in Holbox "Mexico"  and with who I also spent Christmas.

The next day we took a bar tour, we visited some unique places as "No Se" Then we went To Antigua Brewerie, and finished at La Taverna, throughout all the tour we were well received and learned a lot about Guatemalan bees, rum and moon shines

On the 6th day we went on a volcano hike to Acatenango which gives a view on Volcano de Fuego, It was a two days trip highlighted by a tough hike but one of  the best experience to date.



We got picked up at 7.30 am, we drove for an hour and as soon as arrived to the starting point, was a group coming down, one of the members said to us "Good luck, I know you will need it" at that moment  we knew it is going to be challenging.
We started the hike and after only 40 min we already felt like dying, the volcanic ground  and heavy backpack made it  hard to move further up.

The weather was great at the start but quickly turned to cold and wet, but perfect for hiking up and it gave the landscape an amazing fairytale-istic feeling

After five hours hike we began to see the sky clearing up, we started hearing the volcano erupting and not longer after we arrived to the base camp at 3600 m hight around 3 p.m



We were so exited of the view we've got in front of us that non of us wanted to sleep so we just set in the sun and enjoyed the priviledge of being there, and realized how lucky we were to climb in a perfect conditions, arrive to a clear to a sunshine and clear sky that offered us an amazing view on the volcano and gave us the opportunity to experience the super moon for the first time in our lives 




After having dinner, we set by the fire, our guides offered us a hot chocolate cup, we grilled our marshmallow and so an amazing  day and evening took end, quickly we all found our tents and sleeping bags but unfortunately we couldn't sleep, it was very cold and the volcano sound increased by night.


The hardest was to get up at 4 am to continue the hike; barely awake and still tired from the day's before hike we started climbing, every step ahead felt like two steps back, the altitude of 3976m and a -3 didn't help it and many doubted making it up but we had a good spirit, we supported each other and we all arrived to the top and witnessed an amazing sunrise and more, just few minutes later the volcano became super active!  That emotion of being there brought me to tears, it was so beautiful, we all hugged each other and stayed quiet to enjoy the moment, My thoughts went to people that means a lot in my life and wished they could be there and couldn't wait to hike down and write my lovely Ingrid, Sigurd and my sister.
Later we hiked down and got transferred to our hostels, feeling tired and sort but full of energy  inside. When we arrived, we read on the news that it was the Volcano biggest eruption since 2012, we felt even luckier.


This experience was by far one of the two best experiences in my life after experiencing the Norden lights in Norway and Iceland.



I definitely  recommend this trail to everyone that has the chance to visit Antigua Guatemala.

The day after we collected our bags and got ready to explore more Guatemala destination Attitlan lake.

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